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Authors Paul Franson and Harvey Posert have updated “Spinning the Bottle” for today’s wine markets in “Spinning the Bottle Again”

When I began to do wine PR, I was lucky enough to read the Wine Institute’s guide. Where would I have been without that guide in the beginning as I segued from Rock n’Roll radio PR? I just don’t know. Anyone getting into wine PR, even if they’ve done PR for another industry (as I […]


Napa Valley Harvest Is Going “Live” Starting Today Through Saturday

Having worked with Randy Hall and Christophe Smith, during Concannon Vineyard‘s Annual Petite Sirah Symposiums, I’m very excited about this Live presentation of Napa Valley in Harvest. Harvest is the most exciting time during the entire growing cycle; from winter’s dormancy, to spring’s promise, summer’s promised bounty exploding, and autumn’s maturity on the vine… ripe […]