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Bucolic Valley ~ a.k.a. Suisun

Behind the scenes, I’ve been connected to Suisun Valley for a very long time. I have the inside skinny on moves happening in “the valley.” Since my relationship began with them, I’ve been very impressed that growers and producers have been able to maintain their core values: being connected to the earth staying clear of […]


If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes sponsors and volunteers to raise an event

I was just struck by the fact that the Mustard Festival has been canceled for this year after 17 years. According to the Napa Valley Register, December 11, 2010, they’ve quoted Pat Summers, whose Sonoma-based firm Summers & McCann has produced the event since it began: “The Napa Valley Mustard Festival is underfunded, and we […]


The Ultimate Wine Soap Opera ~ Cheesecake in the Vines

When I read this headline and teaser from Wine Business’s Daily news, I just had to laugh… NBC is planning a supernatural prime time soap opera, “Vines,” set in the Napa Valley The show, which has yet to be made into a pilot, follows a troubled family who buy a Napa Valley vineyard in hopes […]