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If You Want to Monetize Your Wine Blog, Get a Job in the Wine Business

This has been my assertion, since Day 1. I took this message to the 2009 European Wine Bloggers Conference. I emphatically made this statement in one of the sessions, when it began to be discussed, it didn’t seem to connect with most of the people. “If you want to monetize your wine blog, get a […]


From Randall Grahm, Steve Heimoff, and Charlie Palmer to Sean Thackrey, Steve Heimoff, and Hardy Wallace

Yesterday’s blog entry was about a Healdsburg soiree into the night life with Randall Grahm (Bonny Doon Vineyards), Steve Heimoff, and Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine and a Very Goode Job at Murphy Goode, and Jose Diaz. Today’s blog is about another fantastic adventure. Off we all went into the hills of Marin, to […]


Understanding Twitter As a Wine Marketing Tool

As a former radio broadcaster, I was first introduced to the power of electronic media in the 1980s. I was working at WBLM in Portland, Maine. One of my duties was to produce and moderate a community issues talk program, called the “Public Ear.” It aired every Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m, which was why […]


“Best of Show” Awards at the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

How many ways can you write about something you’ve covered for the last 17 years, without it becoming totally boring… for me, at least, if not also for you. They’re over there, she’s over here, this wine tasted like that (for me, who knows what it would taste like for you?), and they had food… […]