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So, Now I’m Into Politics ~ Wine Blogger Awards ~ Vote For Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz (Please)

Too funny. I never thought I’d find myself in this position. And, I’m darned glad that it’s not really political, because the years of me being a hitchhiker would uncover more than a modicum of dirt. (Quietly laughing to myself.) The Wine Blogger Award voting is off and running. Last year, I watched as everyone […]


Dear Jo: “I am struggling with how to identify who these firms might be “

I get the best questions. Having been in the wine business for nearly 20 years and on this wine blog for the last five and a half of those years, I’ve become recognized as having a few creds. (That’s really cool and humbling, seriously.) So, this “Dear Jo” read the following way: I am doing […]


Mr. Opportunity ~ The Potential Client Who Regrettably Got Away

In 2001, when it was time to break away from hitting the glass ceiling over-and-over again, I decided to become an independent contractor. PR colleague Paige Poulous offered her sage advice, “Always be looking for more clients.” At the time, I had to simply find clients. “Always be looking” didn’t seem to fit my immediate […]