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How Do You Feel About Wine Cans?

Wine Cans ~ First and Foremost Waxing poetic from my own experiences of pitching the concept. As a PR person, I’m finding that wine writers haven’t quite bought into the concept yet, except – that is – for the early adopters. But… BIG but… this is normal and typical for how new concepts – in […]


A Boomer Writer Watching Millennial Writers

…as I watch Millennials struggling, because time isn’t moving fast enough for them, I remind myself that life is like an LP. The quicker one gets to the center, the faster the revolutions.


Italian Marketing Wine to Millennials: Main Themes That Emerged from VINO2016

A press conference on February 3, 2016, was held at the Highline Ballroom in New York. It began Italian Wine Week 2016, with an exciting panel discussion featuring Maurizio Forte, Stevie Kim, Kevin Zraly, and David Rosengarten. Together they offered insight on the evolution of the US wine market, and the future of Italian Wines […]


Wining and Dining the Millennials

If I had the job of designing wine lists in a restaurant, I’d create one that would be double sided… One side would continue to be strategically tailored to Baby Boomers, since their spending habits are still at the top of the spending curve. The traditional wine list would reign, because this is what boomers […]