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When enjoying a Glass of Wine from Provence Involves a History Lesson of the Middle Ages

When visiting a winery, to capture its heart and soul – as is my custom – it’s helpful if I know very little about it, going into the discoveries. I don’t want to rewrite anything, except actual factuals… And then, what I see it in nuances: what I feel from its aura, what touches my […]


Winemaker Pedro Hipólito ~ Adega Coop de Redondo ~ Redondo: Alentejo, Portugal

Another day in the life with Enoforum Wines as my host… Winemaker Pedro Hipólito of Adega Coop de Redondo (established in 1956) is based in the town of Redondo, in Portugal’s Alentejo district.  This is a municipality of the Évora District, in Portugal. As I’ve written earlier this week, to understand the people and their […]