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Would you cannibalize a number one position that you’ve achieved?

A good marketing question: “Would you cannibalize a number one position that you’ve achieved, when you try to introduce another new concept?” I’ve been seeing this happen lately in the wine business, and it got me to thinking… Becoming number one is a feat unto itself. It takes decades upon decades to establish this triumph, […]


In the middle of the “Social” and “Traditional” media seesaw

My view from being in the middle as a marketer… I’m in the middle of this “Social Media” and “Traditional Media” seesaw. I was there when traditional media didn’t even have the “traditional” adjective in front of it. I did know (during those early times in my PR career) that media had reached ivory tower […]


Wine Opinions to Conduct Omnibus Surveys ~ Multiple-Client Initiative Provides Cost-Efficient Insights

In February, Wine Colleagues will be running “omnibus” surveys of their wine trade panel and our consumer panel. These surveys will allow several wineries or wine marketers to ask from one to four questions on a key issue or issues of interest. The cost will be significantly less than running a full trade or consumer […]


Mr. Opportunity ~ The Potential Client Who Regrettably Got Away

In 2001, when it was time to break away from hitting the glass ceiling over-and-over again, I decided to become an independent contractor. PR colleague Paige Poulous offered her sage advice, “Always be looking for more clients.” At the time, I had to simply find clients. “Always be looking” didn’t seem to fit my immediate […]