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When a Winemaker Writes Poetic Literature ~ Carpe Noctem

[PHOTO: from Eric Eide, Diaz Communications wine client] As a wine publicist, there are many times when writing technical data introductions are required. Winemakers, after all, have little time to be crafting their own messages. In some instances, however, someone who uses his or her right brain (creative side) is as natural as using her […]


A Howling Wolf in Murphys

Years ago, I worked for Ironstone Vineyards. The following story is one of my favorite memories, while working in the Sierra Mountain region. It all happened in Calaveras County. It was a two and a half year gig. I intuitively knew going into it that it would only last two years. It managed to squeak […]


Steve Heimoff has left the building to explore the world of wine

This new position for Steve couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person… And, congratulations to KJ for recognizing that his talent will enrich all of their story lines. They simply made him that once-in-a-lifetime offer that he couldn’t refuse.


Calaveras County Cowboys Making Wine & Jumping Frogs

Have you ever wondered what “Calaveras” means, as in Calaveras County? Well, I did a few years ago, so I got to the bottom of it. It all started as I was traveling to Calaveras County to work. The company I was working for was in the tiny, throwback-in-time town of Murphys, which was made […]


Mark Oldman ~ Wine Writer # 37 ~ Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine

I first came across Mark Oldman’s work in Every Day with Rachael Ray. Mark reviews wines for the magazine, and I contacted him directly. As we talked, I learned that he had a book out, Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine. I liked the title immediately, because it told me that Mark is all about having […]