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Malolactic Fermentation in Reds Wines – Best Explanation Ever

Winemaker Patrick Melley of Russian Hill Estate Winery  just answered this question of Malolactic Fermentation. And for wine beginners (or intermediates, like me), this doesn’t get any better. As one of our clients, I get to edit for the winery on occasion. This was one of those times, but only on the technical business writing […]


Clone and Place ~ All Things in Ernest

Introducing Ernest Vineyards, a new artisan producer of cool-climate Chardonnays and Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast… Owners Erin Brooks and her husband Todd Gottula produce wines that have been created to express their clonal attributes and their terroir’s sense of place. When they began Ernest, their mission became to “focus on love of family, […]


Tasting 101 Simplified for a Novice ~ Especially if you’re faced with teaching it

I was just asked by someone, who’s writing an article on tips of how to train your palate. He asked if I would be interested in sharing a tip for developing tasting chops.


Malolactic Simplified

You, too, can join the “Cheap Date Society.”


A Rare Opportunity ~ Tasting Through the Iron Horse 2009 Vintage Chardonnays

When Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards sent an E-Mail to me, asking if I would like to experience her seven 2009 Chardonnays, it was an opportunity I knew couldn’t refuse. Last Thanksgiving I drove to Iron Horse to purchase my holiday sparkling and photographed my journey along the way, as this was my first […]


When it comes to Chardonnay, I’m a cheap date, for the most part

Image via Wikipedia I’m sitting here, sipping on a very expensive Chardonnay; lots of oak, 100 percent ML. It’s considered one of the best. Malolactic fermentation simplified: A + B = C Acid + Bacteria = Cream. The Acid is Malic, the same one found in Apples and lots of other fruit. The winemaker adds […]