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Days of Crimson And Clover ~ Or, do organic wines really taste better?

The 1960s, 70s, and early 80s were very good to and for me. I deliberately sacrificed a lot of materialism, for which the universe delivered copious hours to study and practice many subjects of great personal interest: nutrition and gardening, organically buying my organic foods in a “health food store” (the only place to get […]


Everyone Needs a Great Web Programmer for His or Her Wine Store

Great Web programmers are important if you have E-commerce on your Website. I was just asked if Jose [Diaz] knows ZenCart as a program for a winery’s online store. My new member to the Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group, Susanne of Christoper Bridge Cellars & Satori Springs Estate was telling me about an experience she had […]


What if there were more Petite Sirah? Nurseries, it’s time to take note…

Leave your trending reports behind, dear nursery friends, because the trending reporters never call me. We’re too inconsequential for them, or we’re just not on their radar screen. That said, I’ve been keeping facts and figures on Petite Sirah since February 2002. I have 10 years devoted to this singular study. What do you think […]


What’s in it for them? Oodles and oodles of money… Why don’t we all just become politicians?

Check out our great French wine prices and save. William T. Haines, my fraternal great grandfather, was a Maine Republican, career politician: 1882 to 1887 ~ Kennebec County’s county attorney 1888 to 1892 ~ Maine State Senate 1895 to 1896 ~ Maine House of Representatives 1896 to 1901 ~ Attorney General of Maine 1901 to […]


The Zen of Oregon Wine

[Mt. Hood: taken while flying into Portland, OR] I just can’t get enough of Oregon. One of my dearest friends in life, Greg Lint, is the president of Oak Knoll Winery, and he keeps me so connected. Years ago, when I was working for Belvedere Winery, Oregon was one of the states where I sold […]


Wine Blogging As a Professional Will Turn One Into a Wine Career Counselor

I was just asked, “I want to become a wine professional, where do I begin?” I could only respond, “Where do I begin the answer?” It came as I was finalizing all details for the Ninth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium  (Concannon Vineyard), still wrapping up the Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium (Oak Knoll Winery), helping out […]


Dress Code: Wine Country Casual ~ Welcome Back, Tourists

What to wear, what to wear… Calm down… I’m a Yankee, with really deep Yankee roots. My maiden name is “Clarke.” Grandmother Gertrude Haines Clarke was the daughter of the late Governor William T. Haines of Waterville, Maine, my great grandfather… Great grandmother Patience Blackstone Clarke was the granddaughter of the Reverend William Blackstone, who […]


Charity Case Wines ~ It Still Takes a Community to Raise a Child

CHARITY CASE UPDATE: Website is gone. Good idea that didn’t last. Originally published on November 26, 2010. Today is July 19, 2014. Once I had a boss who was a philanderer. That was during my teaching days. My students were all 18 years or older, so what I’m about to tell you doesn’t have to […]


Friday’s Fotos ~ A Day At the Beach in Popham, Maine

[All comments for today will count toward The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away ~ You may enter once a day to increase your chances.] I have very few days where I do something other than wine… Even most of my travels have to do with wine. This past summer, our family friends’ daughter Jennifer […]


Friday’s Fotos ~ A Wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine

I traveled back to Maine this past summer for our family friend’s wedding… Claude and Diane Heutz’s youngest daughter Jennifer Lynn Heutz now living in Marin, married Gregory Christoper Waters. I blogged about the wedding shower, having shopped for items. It’s called Turning a promotional query into a very sweet opportunity. The following video brings […]