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Celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon with Concannon Vineyard’s Major Cab Contributions

During this month of September, Concannon Vineyard will be celebrating for the entire month, due to their important Cabernet Sauvignon contributions, as it relates to California’s wine history. It all began in the Livermore Valley, ladies and gentlemen. Cabernet Sauvignon Clones #7 and #8 originated in the United States at Concannon Vineyard… From the Concannon […]


A Legend Leaves Us in 2010 ~ Edward Kean

Image via Wikipedia This blog posting is inspired by my friend Steve Heimoff, and has nothing what-so-ever to do with wine, but is worth documenting SETTING THE STAGE: In my December 30 post that included CapaBunga (a new closure for wine bottles),  Steve wrote to me, “It’s not really relevant to your post, but when […]