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How Many Wineries Survived Prohibition?

[This image was taken at Foppiano Vineyards, as agents emptied the winery of its wine contents into the creek alongside Old Redwood Winery.] I thought I’d share the information below, so that when someone is researching, this story pops up with the most accurate number. I spent hours upon hours researching this one for Concannon […]


PR’s a gift, not a given

When you want publicity, put your best foot forward, do the best you can – always, and someone, somewhere will get it. Don’t expect everyone to get it, though, and don’t take it personally when you can’t inspire a writer. It’s not about you; it’s about him or her. Some writers just “get it,” and […]


Earliest History of Grape Growing in Suisun Valley

[Image courtesy of Gary Mangels] Mae Fisher Purcell wrote for the Eighteenth Anniversary Edition And All County Chamber of Commerce Atlas of Solano County, Information-Section 4-1935, in a story entitled, “Claus Mangels Renowned Solano Winery and Notable Estate is Beauty Spot of Suisun Valley: When Omar Khayyam, poet-tentmaker, wrote in his immortal Rubalyat the lines… […]


Candyman 187 and 2009 Joseph Drouhin Brouilly for my weekend adventures

Having been in the rock n’roll business, I still love the life of music, the artists, the dances, and the lifestyle. With that in mind, this morning, I was queried and asked if I could get this story onto my blog ASAP. I don’t usually do this so quickly, but we’re headed into the weekend, […]


Los Angeles WineFest ~ Wish I Lived Closer To This One

Putting on a wine event for PS I Love You, I’m in awe of anything bigger and more complicated than Dark & Delicious. I know it takes us a half year to pull off our 50 wineries with 30 foodies. How someone can direct anything like the LA Wine Fest is beyond my comprehension… The […]


When Only The Best Will Do ~ Wine Country Videographers

Why would the best filmmakers be coming out of Hollywood? Right… Dumb question. It’s a set-up. I’ve recently come across two video companies that have hitched their wagons to filming wine companies for marketing purposes of these establishments. Today I’m sharing one; and in the near future, I’ll share the second. I’ve listed both as […]


The Day We Bought Off God

This story has two inspirations: Michael Odza of Gold Medal Wine Club, who just queried me to ask if I’d considering writing about the Gold Medal Wine Club: He also wrote: “Wine poetry — a long- and unjustly neglected art! Thank you for that.” He’s located in Santa Fe, New Mexico My memories of Santa […]


Patty Bogle Passes Away ~ The Wine Industry Has Lost A Quiet Leader

Yesterday I learned through a news alert from Wine Business that my friend and colleague Patty Bogle has passed away. Patty was the matriarch of Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg, and she passed away this past Friday, February 11, 2011. This past Friday, as I was packing up Petite Sirahs for our Dark & Delicious event […]


Jim Concannon Receives Man of the Year Award

When I was hired to be the publicist for Concannon Vineyard in 2003, I came to realize that I had been given a true gem, within the wine business. At the time, Lynn Kirimli, the marketing director, and I knew the challenges. Later, when Laurie Jones replaced Lynn, the challenges were still the same, and […]


She’s Drinkin’ California Wine

Governor Arnold has declared that September is California Wine Month, so this is inspired by that… She’s drinin’ California Wine, yea she’s lost her mind, I hear she’s doin’ fine, she’s got all the time for California wine… I love being queried for what others think you guys would enjoy knowing about, because it means […]