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Average Consumer is Planted at Petite Sirah Symposium for Impressions

At the Eighth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium sponsored by and held at Concannon Vineyard this past August, I planted a couple of my friends at this industry only event. Why? I felt that it’s important to get a handle on what the average consumer thinks of Petite Sirah. So, I conducted my experiment in the […]


Jim Concannon Receives Man of the Year Award

When I was hired to be the publicist for Concannon Vineyard in 2003, I came to realize that I had been given a true gem, within the wine business. At the time, Lynn Kirimli, the marketing director, and I knew the challenges. Later, when Laurie Jones replaced Lynn, the challenges were still the same, and […]


A Petite Tasting That Was Huge, Of Course

When I ask the members of PS I Love You for anything… I mean anything… they respond in huge ways. In such a huge way, actually, that the tasting I wanted to do in one sitting needed to be broken up into two parts. In my right mind, I couldn’t open up all 30 bottles […]