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Wine Century Club ~ Port4lio Tasting Threw Me Over the Top

There’s nothing like a little importers’ tasting to throw someone like me, trying to taste 100 different varieties in a life time (to be certified by The Wine Century Club), instantly over the brink. That’s the gift the universe delivered to me. The Port4lio Tasting was in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Fire House, […]


Will Work For Wine

The Wine Century Club ~ I’m in. Are You? “The Wine Century Club is for all adventurous wine lovers. If you’ve tasted at least 100 different grape varieties, you’re qualified to become a member. If you haven’t tried 100 different grape varieties, but are interested in the concept, you’re welcome to all of our events. […]


Good, Better, Best Wines by Carolyn Evans Hammond

It’s so perfect. Miss Dumas, my sophomore English teacher delivered this, the first day of school in her class. It was her introduction for what she expected from us… Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Until the good is better, And the better is best… Receiving the book Good, Better, Best Wines for review […]


Austrian Wines That Have Recently Excited and Educated My Palate

[Lyla Diaz is in the foreground, with Melanie Hoffman in the background.] Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win gifts this December. ANOTHER GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY from the Austrian Tourist Office. They’re holding a contest called “It’s Got to Be Austria Facebook Sweepstakes,” where the winner chosen (and […]


Volatilizing Your Esters

Your nose is the key to enjoying a glass of wine, long before the wine ever hits your palate. The act of swirling your wine releases the bouquet. (The bouquet is a result of the wine making process. Aroma, on the other hand, is related to the scent of the grape.) It cracks me up […]


David Falchek of Scranton, Pennsylvania ~ Wine Writer #28

David Falchek has been on my radar screen for years. Only time has separated us from connecting. I remember once telling a wine publication editor that there are thousands of wine writers, and he was astounded. I’m not, because I’ve been building a data base since 1993, and it grows daily, especially with the advent […]


I’ve Just Seen the Future, and the Future is Now: CRM with Lithium

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is the next step in serving your customer’s needs. But, is it prime time for the wine industry, which is agricultural based? I’m thinking, “Not yet”… But, I still want in all NOW. While it’s not light years away, it’s probably still at least five years in the making before anyone […]


Learning Portuguese Varieties ~ Enoforum Delivered Fresh Wines from Alentejo Portugal

As a wine publicist, there’s nothing more refreshing or exciting than beginning to learn about a new client. Research comes before development in any story telling process, and that’s the journey right now. Take that process away from anything else I’ve learned in my 16+ year repertoire, and it means that as much as I […]


Rosa D’Oro Vineyards: 2007 Sangiovese Rosato, this is my pick of the week!

[Images from this blog posting come from the Rosa D’Oro website.] Italian cultivars seem to be finding a natural home in Lake County… The Pietro Buttitta family is living its dream in Lake County, crafting Italian variety wines. The Rosa D’Oro Vineyard wines are the following: Aglianico Sangiovese Rosato Muscat Canelli Sangiovese Primitivo Barbera Dolcetto […]


Most Prodigious Anonymous Blog Commenter: Morton Leslie

Image via Wikipedia I think it’s very clever that Sgt. Sassafras of Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony (Camp Pendleton, CA), who has given out the Wine Squirrel Awards has noted ~ in his award ~ what wine bloggers have all been quietly asking themselves, “Who is that masked man, anyway?” (i.e., Most Prodigious Anonymous […]