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Variety versus varietal – Oh, this is so perfect

Variety versus varietal…I think I finally understand it all. This might even be the last time I bring this one up, ever again. The meme below, in this blog post, will just say it all for me, from now on. The Big Picture I’m sick to death of wine writers who are constantly defending the […]


Oregon Pinot Gris isn’t as sexy as other white wine varieties in Oregon, but…

…it is the work horse. And, if Oregon is going to be known for more than being a one-hit wonder, something of substance has got to pull the wagon. Last year, as I spoke with one of my sweetest winemaking friends ~ Robert Brittan ~ when telling him about the Oregon Pinot Gris symposium, he […]


Ode to a Wine Incarnate, as written by Dr. Sondra Barrett

The first time I read through Wine’s Hidden Beauty ~ Bioscapes of Wine: Sondra Barrett, I began to think of wine as a whole new entity, something much grander than a liquid food. Reading it didn’t inspire me to write about whether or not the book worked for me and how I’d share that. Nope, […]


Oregon is *Not* a One Trick Pony

I got a great E-Mail when I launched the Oregon Pinot Gris press release; which I sent by US mail, as well as over the Internet. Today, George Rose of J Wines and I are the only two people that I know who are left to do so… And, it still gets results, I’m happy […]


An easy way to expand your wine palate and your knowledge base

There’s no better, easier, quicker, or more fun way to expand your knowledge base, and enjoy getting together with others who have the same passion. One of the greatest joys of my wine life was to get turned onto The Wine Century Club. (Thanks, again, Wannabee Wino.) This month’s meeting had Jim Caudill, Sondra Barrett, […]


What’s the silver bullet, Dr. Vino?

[This Petite Sirah character was created by Appellation America, based on a poem I had written about Petite Sirah. Do you need inspiration, a wine with sensation?] The question posed to Dr. Vino at the Eighth Annual Petite Sirah Noble Symposium this year was, “Can Petite Sirah be the next Pinot Noir?” Or, more to […]


You won’t believe how many more Portuguese grape varieties I’ve found! (Part 2)

Image via Wikipedia First of all, I can’t believe how many of you were interested in the original blog posting about how many grape varieties there are in Portugal. Secondly, the re-tweeting of this one was immense. I’m totally surprised by the interest beyond my own. (Thanks!) Now, Part 2… The bottom line is that […]


Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world (Part 1)

That’s a pretty big statement, but I’m finding that it’s true; and, it’s almost become some sort of OCD project with me… “Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world.” “Surely I can find them all,” I thought. “Okay, I’ll take it on.” First learning about Portuguese wines from Enoforum, […]


Big Jim and Lil’ Jo ~ off and running

Along with Chang Liow and Jose Diaz… The Wine Century Club of Windsor CA has officially begun. I arrived at Chinois Bistro (our new club house) with the Local Chapter Application. On the Member List, I had already filled in President Jose Diaz and Secretary Jo Diaz (it’s no secret that I’m the record keeper). […]


Could This Be The Begining of a Wine Century Club in Windsor, California?

The following comment from Frank Dietrich, of Blue Danube Wine Company, was a defining moment for me. I had sent a link to my story Wine Century Club ~ Port4lio Tasting Threw Me Over the Top, because he and his wines were in the story. I thought he’d enjoy knowing that his brands got some […]