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We Scored the Scores ~ Petite Sirah With Alacia Van’s Music ~ Part 2

Continuing with yesterday, where I set the stage for this Petite Sirah tasting paired with Jazz music… For me, Alacia Van’s music seemed to match Petite Sirah pretty well… Jazzy, bluesy, not what one would traditionally be expecting in today’s world of new music… even by Jazz standards. But, that’s what it was… The jazz […]


From a Dim Light to a Highlight, Petite Sirah is Shining Brightly

From the Web site, the headline reads: Price Is No Judge in a Wine Competition The author is Robert Whitley, a syndicated writer and wine competition organizer. Robert brings the best and brightest talent to his competitions, so that judgment is very exacting and credible. He writes: As usual, the annual Critics Challenge International […]


Dark & Delicious 2009 ~ Another Sell Out Success

[Above – L to R: from PSILY, Lyla Diaz, Katie Kelley, and Melanie Hoffman] PS I Love You’s Third Annual Dark & Delicious event was another sell out success. At Kent Rosenblum’s new Rock Wall Wine Company, the space was huge, the crowd was passionate, and the food and wine were beyond amazing. After events […]