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Ron Rubin Winery Trained for “Saving Lives” Program expands to include all of NORTH COAST

Ron Rubin, of Ron Rubin Winery, had exclusively funded a program for saving lives in only Sonoma County. In collaboration with the American Red Cross and ZOLL Medical Corporation, this program has now received numerous requests from other American Viticultural Areas. Ron Rubin Winery, American Red Cross, and ZOLL are pleased to announce their expanded […]


Segueing from Grape Grower to Winemaking ~ Diamond Ridge

One of the most natural progressions in the wine industry is from the humble farmer, who has been growing grapes for sometimes generations in a family; and then one day, the light bulb goes on… “I wonder what these grapes would taste like if I made the wine?” is usually how this goes. Yesterday’s example […]


Rosa D’Oro Vineyards: 2007 Sangiovese Rosato, this is my pick of the week!

[Images from this blog posting come from the Rosa D’Oro website.] Italian cultivars seem to be finding a natural home in Lake County… The Pietro Buttitta family is living its dream in Lake County, crafting Italian variety wines. The Rosa D’Oro Vineyard wines are the following: Aglianico Sangiovese Rosato Muscat Canelli Sangiovese Primitivo Barbera Dolcetto […]