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What Labor Day Means to Me

What labor Day Means to Me… is not what you might expect. It’s not a day to go boating for the last time of the season; or, heading off to the beach one more time, before I settle into apple picking. No BBQs for me today. Nay… It’s pretty sobering for me. It’s  time to […]


Pacific Star Winery ~ Sally Ottoson

Few among us remind me of the Little Red Hen… You remember, “Who wants to help me sow the seeds, to grow the wheat, to mill the seeds into flour, to make the bread for us to eat?”


Rodney Strong Closes Out Another Great Jazz Season

This past Labor Day was the final performance of Rodney Strong’s summer concert performances for 2009. Next year, however, promises to be as great, if not greater, considering that it’s going to be Rodney Strong’s 20th Anniversary Summer Concert Series. By now, they’ve got it down to a science, and it’s running very smoothly. I have […]


Labor Day and Caring

Another Labor Day weekend, and I feel the need to take it back to where it originally started… It’s about Labor and who’s caring about who’s working, and the conditions under which people are working. I wish some big trade union kahuna would figure out that if that unions could just get into any of […]