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What NOT to do if you’re a writer ~ A True Juicy Tale

The statement below (on Facebook within a private group) inspired the following blog story… It’s a secret that I’ve long held; and, it’s “What NOT to do if you’re a writer.” This became the title, when I thought about how to position this memory. I’ve held it too long, I need to just let it […]


The Butcher, the Baker, and the Local Winemaker ~ Lost in Time

Once upon a time, ages ago, like in the early 1900s, villages in France had their own winemakers. In the southwest region of France, in the Bay of Arcachon, there was (and still is) a small community called “Arcachon.” This commune in the Gironde department, was about 40 miles southwest from the heart of Bordeaux. […]


Aren’t we all just great big suckers for critter labels?

Zeepaard ~ Australia Wines Are Superbly Fun… I know I am… Besides loving wine, I’m an animal lover, and I’m passionate about art. Tie it all together… and people like me just get drawn in. It reminds me of the days when music was recorded on vinyl, and we flocked to music stores to see […]


Images of Dark & Delicious with Comments From the Crew: Praise and Suggestions

There is no particular order and no captions for the following images. They’re just the best of the best that I shot. It’s the suggestions that make Dark & Delicious each subsequent year, so you’ll see them here as positive feedback. This is a blog entry to let others do the talking. I’m going to […]


Holiday Gifts, Week Three Winner Chosen by the Luck of the Draw

And, the winner this week is… Risqué Sommelier of Risqué Sommelier. All names were placed in my hat (ice bucket), and drawn at random. Congratulations, Risqué. I’m sure that this little Riedel decanter is going to be a fabulous addition to your tasting experiences. It’s compliments of PS I Love You (the advocacy group for Petite Sirah) […]


The Second Leg of a Marketing Journey ~ BTT in Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami

CHARLOTTE HISTORICAL: The Ballantyne Resort venue was an example of true Southern Hospitality: delicious food, delightful guests, delectable Petite Sirah. One guest, Ms. Cat Williams confided, “This is the best food ever at a wine tasting.” (It pays to pair exact foods with exact wines.) For this stop, we had already connected with Angelus Rickenbaker […]


Flutter ~ The Future of Advertising

Flutter is going to take the Internet to a whole new level. And, if you’re wanting to advertise your wine brand – or any product or service to the Millennial demographic, honestly, this is going to be your next best option. According to founder Matt Ibsen, “If Twitter is like micro blogging, than that would […]