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Portuguese historical adventures have created an abundant food and wine legacy

If you’re not familiar, Portuguese historical adventures have created an abundant food and wine legacy, for which they are most proud… while being very humble about it as the same time. During the past 3,000 years, Portugal experienced an ebb and flow of different civilizations invading their country. From Iberian to Tartessian, Celtic, Phoenician and […]


What’s the Difference between Wine Marketing and Wine PR?

Years ago, I used to wonder a lot about the difference between PR and marketing. This area of expertise wasn’t part of my first post-secondary learnings, so I was pretty perplexed. Sales, marketing, and PR all seemed to be the same thing, because they all fell (and still do) under the same umbrella in the […]


Why do you volatilize your esters?

Image via Wikipedia Your nose is the key to enjoying a glass of wine, long before the wine ever hits your palate. The act of swirling your wine releases the bouquet. (The bouquet is a result of the wine making process. Aroma, on the other hand, is related to the scent of the grape.) It […]


Melting Pot Cooking: While Carly Rae Jepsen sings “Call Me Maybe,” Petite Sirah sings Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight”

Renowned chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein excitedly applauds the new food craze of “melting pot cooking” and her recent experiments with Petite Sirah. “Petite is a niche variety perfectly matched for this cuisine,” stated Goldstein at the 10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium. Concannon Vineyard, a world leader of Petite Sirah, hosts this annual event. […]


10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium Hosted by Concannon Vineyard Continues the Success

The 10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium hosted by Concannon Vineyard continues the success of the best minds converging, once again, to discuss this eclectic variety. Jim Concannon (third generation vintner) and John Concannon (fourth generation vintner) welcomed guests on Tuesday, July 31. John Concannon, the day’s Emcee, led the proceedings with his state of the grape […]


Who’s more responsible for higher alochol wines: Mother Nature, Wine Critics, or Winemakers?

Mother Nature Argument Anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming yet surely has his or her head buried in the sand. Blame it on the natural way of the world and/or human intervention… it’s happening. I saw a comparative image this past week, and I thought, “Well, I wonder if my cousin will still say […]


An Interview with Zemanta, a resource my blog can’t live without…

I recently received the following Email. Dear Jo, On Z-Blog we regularly feature Zemanta power users. Hence, I’d like to ask you whether I can send you a few interview questions to introduce you on our Z-BLOG? Let me know. Thank you and have a nice week, Nenad I thought, sure, why not… let’s see […]


Having a wine event? You need to get a one day liquor license, and here’s the process

Each year, as I produce a wine event for PS I Love You called Dark & Delicious, I set one day aside for “the process.” The following is a great check list. In fact, I’ll be using this myself, so I don’t forget anything. It seems like I forget at least one thing each year, […]


Rice Wine and Sushi

I know next to nothing about rice wine, I know even less about sushi. I have major allergies to fish, so I can’t go there. Seaweed wrap just turns my stomach, because it’s got that “fishy” smell, so please don’t try to sell me on their non-fish rolls. Now… being in the wine business gives […]


Air Cork, a fun and practical gadget

Air cork is a fun wine preserver. I’m more of a “stick the wine in the refrigerator” kinda gal, not opting for using nitrogen gas to displace the air, when I put my wine away. This also included red wine. Putting left-over wine into a cool situation is going to extend the drinkability of any […]