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The Everything Guide to Wine, by Peter Alig

The EVERYTHING Guide to Wine, by Peter Alig. This book is exactly what it calls itself… It’s about everything wine ~ except Petite Sirah, and you know how Petite centric I am. This isn’t a criticism, just an observation, because I’m always looking for authors who know about Petite and take the time to  help […]


When the Internet Actually Works

I just love when it all comes together. Honestly, for the most part, I rag and rag about how Petite Sirah is always misspelled (using the “y” instead of the ‘i”); and, how it’s closely related to Syrah, instead of the distant cousin that pops up a lot; and how it’s not yet a synonym, […]


Why Are Palates So European Centric on the East Coast? Easy…

I believe I may have found an answer, through my 19 years of observations, visiting both parts of the country extensively, and by living on both coasts – each for extended periods of time. Here’s what stuck me as pretty true, as I began to write my assessments of Elliot Essman’s Use Wine to Make […]