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Wine, Women, and Songs

If you’ve got the wine and you’ve got the woman, what are the songs that get it all in the mood? Well, this all began with Let It Wine (from Italy = IT) contacting me in newsletter form. Their tagline: Dedicated to anyone in love with or just curious about the vast universe of wine! […]


2012 Vintage – A Near Perfect Growing Season for Walla Walla Valley Winemakers

♫♪ “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…♪♪♫” – Joni Mitchell Yeah… When I was in Walla Walla, I was busy exploring, learning, and enjoying being away from my computer, but I wasn’t thinking about falling in love. Then, I just got an Email from Executive […]


I… could drink… a case of you… (Joni Mitchell) ~ 2010 Colagrossi L’Inizio

As Jose and I were leaving the lake in Geyserville from a quiet Friday afternoon sojourn, he said, “Let’s go to where Lady Gaga had lunch.” I laughed. That was code for Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville, California. Owner | chef Dino Bugica considers himself a transplant from Pisa, Italy, having grown up with the influence […]