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Copyright infringement still ticks me off, especially when requests for removal are ignored

Copyright doesn’t mean that people have a right to copy. To to use a synonym that will help those who still think it’s okay to go to Websites and copy content without any attribution, it’s just simple plagiarism. I have to first state that I have no problem with credible business sites aggregating my content, […]


Everything on the Internet is Free, Including Customer Service

Everything on the Internet is free, including customer service for something you haven’t paid for… It’s become a funny world. I enjoy sharing the requests I get, because they always hit me with a “What?” moment, and getting them out of me is great stress release. This is a new one… Dear Jo: Hello, I […]


How do you feel about plagiarism ~ Is it worth getting in a twit about it?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) exists; although it’s on the owner to police his or her own words, and then take action. I’ve heard some wine bloggers say that they don’t care if they’re information and images are used elsewhere on the Internet; others aren’t appreciating it at all. I’ve written about being aggregated; now, […]


How do you feel about being aggregated? I know how I do…

I just got another Dear Jo Email that touched on a wine blogging subject. Here’s the question: Hi Jo, I need to know what you know about a European website I have found all my post and many other wine blog posts copied and posted on this site. I am listed as a contributor […]