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You’ve Got a Bottle of Great Wine & Want to Sell It… Now What?

In the past month, I’ve received two almost identical questions. (I’ve got my own Dear Abby quietly going behind the scenes called, “Dear Jo.”) Here’s one example for Dear Jo. The other was very similar: I began following your blog recently. Kudos!…I am enjoying it. Admittedly, I am no wine expert, and have just recently […]


How Economic Downturn Has an Upswing For Some

Having to reinvent is one of the hardest things anyone has to do… I did it from radio PR to wine PR, and the story is filled with lots of pain, hard work, and laughter along the way. Yes, Virginia, there is a real… way to get into the wine business… This story begins with […]


Holiday Gifts, Week Two Winner Chosen by the Luck of the Draw

And, the winner this week is… Gwendolyn Alley of Wine Predator and Art Predator. All names were placed in my hat (ice bucket), and drawn at random. Congratulations, Gwendolyn, who also just returned from Portugal with me as the first runner-up of a wine trip contest. The original contest winner of “Why I Want to […]


Metal Imagination’s Wine Gift Sculpture Winner Announced

Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win gifts this December: So, I placed all of your names in my magic hat above (shiny pewter object to the left of the wine that came in this week ~ J Wines and Austria’s Laurenz V.); one for each entry, […]