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A Post Harvest Chardonnay Vineyard, what’s it all about, Joe Freeman?

My partner in all things Jose Diaz, and River Road Family Vineyard and Winery’s winemaker Joe Freeman explore what happens to a vineyard after all the grapes of that season have been harvested. Listen to Joe talking about how the spring of 2012 will tell a winemaker about what’s going to happen during the following […]


Still Missing a Key Ingredient of the African American Vintners

Many of the people we meet as publicists, in the wine business, have separate worlds. This was the case for Dr. Marvin Poston, when I met him. While he grew gapes on his property in Calistoga, called Poston Crest Vineyards, he also was a very prominent ophthalmologist. The reason I’m writing this story is because […]