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Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that

This is a personal Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that is a category that I’m putting this into. I have family stories that are worth sharing, and honestly fall into a category I like to think of, “I’ll drink to that.” It’s a good weekend story, and it involves my Great Aunt Ethel. […]


What’s in it for them? Oodles and oodles of money… Why don’t we all just become politicians?

Check out our great French wine prices and save. William T. Haines, my fraternal great grandfather, was a Maine Republican, career politician: 1882 to 1887 ~ Kennebec County’s county attorney 1888 to 1892 ~ Maine State Senate 1895 to 1896 ~ Maine House of Representatives 1896 to 1901 ~ Attorney General of Maine 1901 to […]