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Oh, That Funny Chinese Importer, Look What This Guy Was Up To

[Image of Daniel Amadio, of Amadio wines, with his labelled bottles at the left and the Selena Estate labelled bottles on the right. Text for this image borrowed from The Advertiser. Picture: Tait Schmaal] From AdelaideNow: Winemaker seeing red over competitor’s similar labels, by Ken McGregor You’ve  just got to love it… If something is […]


What An Extraordinary Read With Unrivaled Visuals

Wine’s Hidden Beauty by Sondra Barrett, PhD, is a walk in the wilds of a microscope. Sondra delivers the heart and soul of wine like we’ve never experienced it before… Or have we? Have we journeyed to the life that exists within a bottle of wine intuitively before, but just not recognized it in our […]