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When a wine blog is a personal journal

If you’re reading this blog, please note, it’s my personal journal about being in the wine business…


Barefoot Screaming Eagle sticker shock

Barefoot Screaming Eagle sticker shock is what I call this one… People who buy Barefoot Cellars wines are people who have progressed from Two Buck Chuck, because Barefoot takes the time to put a gold medal on their bottles. Yes, Two Buck Chuck has also received medals, but do they take the time to sticker […]


Best Use of A Medal, Ever

Yesterday’s blog was called: Marketing 101 ~ When You Get a Gold Medal, What to Do With It. In my comments, Old John wrote: We give the medals to the growers who supply us with the grapes. This way they get to share in the win. I wrote back to him: Old John, That’s the […]


What to do with those gold medals…

This question came up at a UC Davis PR Extension class: PR for Small Wineries, where Jose, Steve Heimoff, and Bart Hansen (Dane Cellars) and I were presenters for Rusty Eddy’s annual class on wine PR. It then came up the following year. I can’t write about this enough. [NOTE TO SELF: If I’m asked […]

7 ~ Swimming in a Sea of Queries is a blog posting to store the following information. I’ve had to simply. Incoming Emails have become overwhelming, and my day job workload is very heavy right now. I don’t enjoy simply deleting Emails from people who have taken the time to research and write to me. I value that process and their time, […]