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Blessing of a harvest in fall is as important as the blessing of the vines in spring

The blessing of a harvest is a major, religious tradition in all wine regions. In the spring, many ceremonies also occur for the blessing of wine grape vines. I once had to research “why,” when asked; so, I went to my dear friend the Reverend Doctor John Staten. John and his family own Field Stone […]


Rolling in a rich history: Greece is a museum inside a bottle of wine

I recently received an Email from Anh Phan, the communications manager at Eklektikon LLC, an importer of eclectic Greek wines in the US. Anh wrote: “I wanted to inform you about our company’s unique approach to wine. Eklektikon is more than just exquisite wine; it is about the embodiment of the best of Greek art, […]


Spring and the Blessing of the Vines Tradition

Welcome to spring! A good question asked by one of my writer friends was, “When did the blessing of the vines tradition start?” I tried to do quick research, because, honestly, I just knew that it exists; but, I had no clue when the first person decided to say a few words, asking the gods […]


Big things come in small packages… Vinturi Travel

Vinturi Travel is a great Father’s Day gift, which I was considering to give to my Jose this year… I need to digress for a bit, though, first. Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday. She was born on Father’s Day on June 15, 1980. For years, Jose thought it would be a great laugh to […]


The Day the Archangels Gathered

It was a peaceful day in heaven, just like all the others. On this particular day, God needed to shake up the serenity just a bit, though. He would do that now and then, but only when one of His greatest assignments needed to be presented. Not all of His assignments called for only the […]


Finding that paradigm shift in PR, when things aren’t going well

Sometimes humor can work to diffuse what’s sure to become a PR nightmare; but it’s got to be handled really well, or it could easily backfire. I have to admit that I’m relentless, when it comes to advocating for any underdog. I have a mission, and I’m like a pit bull that’s latched onto someone’s […]


The Psychology of Wine, by Evan Mitchell and Brian Mitchell

[Holiday weekly give-away. Leave your name in comment box to win] As we head into the holiday gift-giving season, I highly recommend The Psychology of Wine, Truth and Beauty By The Glass for anyone on your list who loves wine, loves to think and to talk about it. Written by Evan Mitchell (son) and Brian […]