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Are you right or left nostriled?

Image via Wikipedia Are you? Are you right or left nostriled? Have you ever noticed that there are some of us who tilt our heads while “doing the nose” on a glass of wine? I know we might look really dorky; but, honestly, this is just elemental for the moment, so we can get the […]


Volatilizing esters brings you so much more enjoyment…

Image via Wikipedia Your nose is the key to enjoying a glass of wine, long before the wine ever hits your palate. The act of swirling your wine (volatilizing your esters) releases the bouquet. (The bouquet is a result of the wine making process. Aroma, on the other hand, is related to the scent of […]


The real wine scandal in the hit TV show “Scandal”

Okay, I have a love/hate relationship with the show “Scandal.” The intrigue, I love. The fast talking is like a bad Seinfeld episode…


Wine Sippy Cup

Wine Sippy Cup? You’re kidding, right? It would seem so; we’re not kids anymore. Have I ever had wine from plastic? Of course. By a pool or at the lake, glass on the grass or cement isn’t practical; it can be downright dangerous. Give Simple seems to think a wine sippy cup can serve our […]


The sexiest wine glass of the season isn’t even a wine glass, but it sure is sweet

Sitting in a meeting with Ron Rubin, who owns both The Republic of Tea and River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, regardless of the subject, tea is always part of his initial hospitality. Who better to present delicious teas, honestly, than the man who’s been around the globe to hand select the best quality leaves? […]


Excuse me, how long has this bottle been open?

I’ve found myself asking that questions many times, and I’m not afraid to do it when I’ve ordered a wine and it’s just lost that loving’ feelin.’ I was just reminded of this, and realized it’s a good wine blog topic, after having read my PS I Love You member Larry Schaffer on Facebook. Larry […]


Big things come in small packages… Vinturi Travel

Vinturi Travel is a great Father’s Day gift, which I was considering to give to my Jose this year… I need to digress for a bit, though, first. Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday. She was born on Father’s Day on June 15, 1980. For years, Jose thought it would be a great laugh to […]


Ravenscroft Glasses, are they players?

Yesterday, I wrote about our Wine Century Club (Windsor, California chapter) tasting. Not only did we have great wines to taste, but I also brought along a Ravenscroft glass to try with the wines. I’ve been through a Riedel tasting, and even orchestrated an Eisch Glass production for a Petite Sirah glass. This involved 12 […]


Revisiting “Removing the Cork 101” ~ It’s not brain surgery

Just can’t get enough of this one, as I watch people struggle all the time, including nervous wait servers. Originally posted on January 16, 2006… Here it is again. Why is pulling out a cork so darn intimidating? Because very few of us in our American culture were raised on wine, so we don’t know […]


Wedding wine lists for the summer ~ How much to buy?

Comments this week will be placed in a drawing for a $75.00 gift certificate from True Fabrications. (Just your name will qualify you.) Drawing on Saturday. [Pictured: My daughter and son-in-law, Melanie and Heath Hoffman at Pacific Star Winery exchanging their vows.] My cousin Margo recently asked for help, as someone in the family who […]