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If you’ve been procrastinating, just stop that with George Rose’s “Vineyard ~ Sonoma County”

  [PHOTO: Jo Diaz] Dear Friends, I’m going to let you know this right now, because there aren’t very many copies left of the gorgeous “VINEYARD Sonoma County” book. If you’ve seen George Rose’s latest publication, and have been procrastinating, please don’t wait any longer. It’s a fabulous gift. I know, because my copy was […]


An intimate, pre-release tasting at J with winemakers Melissa Stackhouse and Scott Anderson

This wine tasting, followed by lunch with their winemaking team, was arranged by my friend and PR pro extraordinaire George Rose. J’s got a great PR person working for them, but this isn’t an isolated case. Leadership at J Vineyards starts at the top with Judy Jordan. I recently wrote about Judy in a story […]


Wine Industry Photographer Lenny Siegel

There are so many aspects of the wine business to enjoy: Growing Producing Sales Marketing PR Writing Educating Social Media The list seems to go on, if just I sit here and conjure up more aspects. I personally prefer the creative end of writing and photography. I keep out of the vineyards and the labs, […]


J Vineyards Turns Twenty Five ~ A Shiny, Silvery Milestone

  I have to preface this with the fact that I’m currently asked, at least once or twice a week, to have someone else be a guest writer on this wine blog. Well, I tried it and it didn’t work… Not because of the content, because I had to believe in the authors’ worthiness, so […]


Let’s Hear It For the Boys ~ At J Winery, That Is

This story about J is going to be very different from most wine stories that wax poetic about the owner, the winemaker, or the wines. This one’s about a front liner… someone who is the face for most people when they come to wine country to learn about wine and are greeted by the hospitality […]


J Wine Company’s George Rose ~ Follow George and Find the Photos

As a photographer, who’s had a camera in my hands since I was 10 years old, I can appreciate and enjoy the work of others. I’ve written about George Rose’s work before, because he’s got such an exceptional eye and way of photographing. My PR colleague/friend Jim Caudill (who’s just started working for the Hess […]