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The Médoc in May ~ Bordeaux 2009 ~ A First Glimpse with Frank Johnson

…A region that can turn grown men giddy with exhilaration… [This image was purchased, as I’ve not been to France.] I first wrote about wine importer Frank Johnson, of Frank Johnson Selections, on March 9, 2010. In my search to find Enoforum Wines a point of entry to the United States, I’ve been communicating with […]


Parker Lands on Mars

Image via Wikipedia The year is 2047. After having colonized the moon, man’s search for space has resulted in a successful landing on Mars, where twenty years previously new life forms were discovered. Man has been scrutinizing the Red Planet for centuries, but now that Martians have been clearly identified, we have sent our foremost […]


Frank Johnson Selections ~ Importer Profile

I’ve been pretty open on this wine blog that Enoforum Wines, from the Alentejo region of Portugal, is one of my clients. This is my journal, and I’m recording my realistic journey in the wine business. When Enoforum Wines and our Diaz  Communications partnered, it wasn’t with the thinking that Enoforum might be imported into […]