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Happy Father’s Day, Syrah!

[Copyright: mcininch / 123RF Stock Photo ~ Purchased image.] Credit where credit is due… Syrah (father) + Peloursin (mother) = Petite Sirah I did NOT write the following, in this rendition. This was written by Stephanie Douglas of Aratas Wine, who – like me – just “gets it.” History, lineage, heritage, passion… We’re on it! […]


And HE said that there are NO indigenous grape varieties in Italy

Definition of indigenous: “…originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often followed by to): the plants indigenous to Canada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa. 2. innate; inherent; natural (usually followed by to): feelings indigenous to human beings.” From this definition, can we find many indigenous grape varieties? I would say […]


Petite Sirah Versus Petite Syrah, Versus Durif, The Debate Heats Up

Last week, I was just trying to reiterate that in the US, it’s spelled Petite Sirah (with an “i”), not Petite Syrah (with a “y”). Little did I know, or think, that the Durif fans would come out of the closet… But they have, and let’s just get this smack down over with; hopefully, once […]