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Lettie Teague’s Wine in Words is headed toward one of the best wine books, ever

I just finished reading Lettie Teague’s Wine in Words, Notes for Better Drinking. Lettie is as much the resource as she is charming. Easy to read, personable, this valuable book is headed toward being one of the best wine books ever sold, historically… It’s a major keeper! Congratulations to Lettie Teague. Why? How do I […]


What is wine without food, what is food without wine… 2011 “Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes”

I’ll never forget getting my first Food & Wine magazine in the mail. I didn’t order it, but it just arrived. I read it and loved it. Then, another one came, and our American Express was automatically charged for a year’s subscription. This was a brilliant, albeit a bit risky, marketing move by American Express. […]