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Why Small Producers Don’t | Won’t Matter to Wholesalers

The Set is *MORE* Controlled Than I EVEN Imagined. How naive was I, anyway? I recently wrote, “The Set” ~ Could it be more controlled?, only to privately find out, “Well yeah!” It’s not just the wholesalers, it’s also your supermarket chain divisions. Here’s capitalism at work… I got a private Email from someone who […]


What’s The Wine Industry’s Unperceived Future?

Beyond Bill HR 5034 being passed… As I was about to dive into page 37 of Sondra Barrett’s Wine’s Hidden Beauty, I read the follow title and entrance to the sentence… And began to ponder. Sondra wrote: The Critics A great controversy brews in the wine industry. Are wine critics….. That’s were my blink happened, […]


The Days of Crimson And Clover ~ Or, do organic wines really taste better?

The 1960s, 70s, and early 80s were very good to and for me. I deliberately sacrificed a lot of materialism, for which the universe delivered copious hours to study and practice many subjects of great personal interest: nutrition and gardening organically buying my organic foods in a “health food store” (the only place to get […]


Good, Better, Best Wines by Carolyn Evans Hammond

It’s so perfect. Miss Dumas, my sophomore English teacher delivered this, the first day of school in her class. It was her introduction for what she expected from us… Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Until the good is better, And the better is best… Receiving the book Good, Better, Best Wines for review […]


Get your grüv on ~ Austria Uncorked ~ May 3, 2010

[SIDEBAR: Five copies of the book Corked, by Kathryn Borel, will be given away this Saturday. Just leave a comment on today’s blog entry, to be registered to win. Winners will be announced on Saturday.] Because you’re reading this blog, the Austrian Trade Commission has provided a special code, in order to give you a […]


The Hush-Hush Blueberry Patch ~ A Juicy Tale

This is a story of something that happens within the wine business, where everyone in the business knows about it, but nobody’s talking. The concept for me dates back to my childhood, and a mannerism that my grandfather taught me. The parallel behavior is the same, the names of the characters and place of the […]