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Red Wine & Chocolate ~ A Seminar with Rich Passion for Chocoholics

The panel that I organized at the 2009 Florida Winefest turned out to be a tremendous success. It had to do with the wine, as well as the chocolates, and most importantly – the people who filled the panel. Reds Wines and Decadent Chocolate: Pinot, Cabernet, and Petite Sirah Seminar Date: Friday, April 24 Time: […]


Florida Winefest Was All That!

Who couldn’t love Florida’s Gulf coast? I can’t even imagine who. It’s just paradise. Having a job assignment… What cold be better? Although I do have really fond memories of working in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and knowing that I got that “heaven” assignment, too. Hawaii’s on the easy side of the work list. There’s […]