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Fleurie (Flower Label) 2018 by Georges Dubœuf is So Deliciously Brilliant

Sample: Quintessential Wines ~ Georges Dubœuf Fleurie  2016 (Flower Label) PREFACE – PART 2 ~ RED WINES HEART ~ THE WINERY: This information came from an interview I had with Franck Duboeuf SCIENCE ~ WINEMAKING ~ From the winery SOUL ~ Jo’s notes Photo Credit: ricochet64 ~ Chapel of Saint Pierre in Beaujolais with Mont Brouilly World Region ~ […]


Ten Things I Just Learned About Beaujolais

I recently wrote about a Chilean tasting that I experienced. That was followed very closely by another virtual tasting called, The Feminine Side of Beaujolais. just held a TasteLive! event, and I was invited. Pinch me… I’m not only so lucky to be tasting wines from around the world, but I’m also brought into […]