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Importers Are the World’s Modern-Day Explorers ~ Value Vines Travels to Portugal: Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s Part I story of Adele Capela of Value Vines, with her colleagues Carl Camasta and Tony Verdoni, exploring Portugal as a new importer for Enoforum Wines. This blog posting is also dedicated to Sally (as it was yesterday), who asked last week, “After talking with everyone I really want to import wine […]


When it comes to Chardonnay, I’m a cheap date, for the most part

Image via Wikipedia I’m sitting here, sipping on a very expensive Chardonnay; lots of oak, 100 percent ML. It’s considered one of the best. Malolactic fermentation simplified: A + B = C Acid + Bacteria = Cream. The Acid is Malic, the same one found in Apples and lots of other fruit. The winemaker adds […]