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Thirty Years of PR and writing: Top 10 things I’ve learned as a PR agent who’s also crossed over to being a wine blogger

I just realized I’ve been doing PR for 30 years, having started in February 1982. This coming December, I will also have been blogging for the last seven years. I’m in a bit of a precarious position, being on both sides of the bridge; and have been, since I started blogging in 2005. It also […]


Dear Jo, May I write for you? ~ T.B.N.T.

T.B.N.T. (Thanks, but no thanks) This is something I find myself writing over and over again to people these days… A day in the life of five year old blog (journal)… I have to say, “No thank you” to everyone, because first of all, this is my wine journal. Secondly, while it would seem like […]


Life is Pay to Play ~ And if you think it isn’t, think again

Hearing a whole lotta whoopla from an old guard about a new guard, now all sharing the same wine industry… meaning the revenue stream… The concept of the Internet being “free” for the constant taking is becoming less of a myth… as the rumblings of a paradigm shift are underway. I don’t think I’ve ever […]


American Squirrel Awards – Wine-Blog is a Winner

American Squirrel Awards… Just as I was contemplating that we need another wine blog awards system, that would be something equivalent to a “Festivus” (Frank Costanza, George’s father on Seinfeld who created a “Festivus,” a Festival for the Rest of Us), along came the American Squirrel Awards. The reason this was spinning through my head […]