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Living in Portugal, by Anne de Stoop

Anne de Stoop not only captures the heart and soul of these wine regions: Minho Douro Oporto Alentejo … But, she also writes about: where to stay where to eat markets to visit museums to explore gardens to experience where shopping is the most fun If ever there was a female author whose command of […]


From Alentejo with Love: Understanding the Viticutural Area

Image via Wikipedia Two comments from people reading From Alentejo with Love: Climate, Soils, and Trellising, inspired a bit more sharing of that region. While that one story took care of climate, etc., I knew – when I was writing it – that I was leaving out a huge part… Their viticultural regions and how […]


Importers Are the World’s Modern-Day Explorers ~ Value Vines Travels to Portugal: Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s Part I story of Adele Capela of Value Vines, with her colleagues Carl Camasta and Tony Verdoni, exploring Portugal as a new importer for Enoforum Wines. This blog posting is also dedicated to Sally (as it was yesterday), who asked last week, “After talking with everyone I really want to import wine […]


Adventures in Portuguese History Have Created an Abundant Food & Wine Legacy

[All comments for today will count toward The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away ~ You may enter once a day to increase your chances.] I wrote this article for the International Council of Reflexologists, Newsletter 2010. They are having their annual conference in Castro Verde, Portugal in 2011. This story was intended to introduce […]


Alentejo’s Azulejos and beyond ~ the art of Portuguese tiles

Azulejos are tiles that are prolific in Lisbon and the Alentejo. There may be tiles in other areas, but I haven’t visited those locations to know about them. Please comment if you know of others, for the educational aspects your knowledge would bring to these images. They decorate the outside of homes, are found in […]


I never wanted to go to jail, but was okay with it this one time…

While traveling to Portugal on wine business… A day in the life of a wine publicist. Trading in drinking bars for prison bars… Who knew? Even the chairs are made of iron… Such punishment. Red table cloth… All the way. A historical piece talks of days when the prison was in full swing. A waiter […]


Portuguese Cultivars, The Quintessential List (Part 3)

As of June 19, 2010, this is the most comprehensive list to date.* Portuguese White Grape Varieties (Name ~ DOC Region) [A] Alicante Branco Algarve ~ Bucelas, Carcavelos Almafra Almenhaca Alvadurão Alvar Alvaraca ~ Douro Alvarelhão Branco Alvarinho ~ Monção, used for Vinho Verde (syn.. Cainho Branco) Antoã Vaz ~ Alentejo, Douro, Vidigueira Arinto ~ […]


You won’t believe how many more Portuguese grape varieties I’ve found! (Part 2)

Image via Wikipedia First of all, I can’t believe how many of you were interested in the original blog posting about how many grape varieties there are in Portugal. Secondly, the re-tweeting of this one was immense. I’m totally surprised by the interest beyond my own. (Thanks!) Now, Part 2… The bottom line is that […]


Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world (Part 1)

That’s a pretty big statement, but I’m finding that it’s true; and, it’s almost become some sort of OCD project with me… “Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world.” “Surely I can find them all,” I thought. “Okay, I’ll take it on.” First learning about Portuguese wines from Enoforum, […]


Can someone who can’t eat fish survive in Portugal for long?

FREE Tickets to Wine, Women & Shoes (just comment and click here for further details). Well, I did for 10 successful days, but it wasn’t always simple. This image was taken at Porto de Santa Maria, on Guincho Road. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Lisbon. The freshness of the fish is what […]