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American AgCredit ~ Scholarship Program

I’m very familiar with American Ag Credit. They’re exemplary when it comes to supporting the farming community (which includes viticulture). The agriculture credit company has an acute understanding of how important it is to not only enrich the present generation of farmers, but to also guarantee that future farmers are provided with enrichment opportunities, too. […]


A wine class you can take from the comfort of your own personal device, from Catherine Fallis, MS

Six Week Wine Expert Created by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis, the Six Week Wine Expert is a web-based wine education program for both personal and professional enrichment. Designed so that you can go at your own pace (whether in six weeks, six days, or even six months), you can use whatever personal devices serves you […]


The Trend Toward Social Media Influence Has Fully Arrived When…

This blog was set up so I could have a place to just write about whatever is currently going on in my wine world. And, it’s pretty substantial, because I’ve become fairly specialized. This is something that I never thought I’d see in this lifetime. I definitely fall into the Jack-of-all-trades category, so to actually find […]