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Wine Cans Continue To Come On Strong ~ And So Are the Tailgate Parties

Tailgate parties, the rage in parking lots… All I know is… when people are all drinking from cans and it’s all about beer, just hand over the equal packaging opportunity in wine, thank you very much. And convenient: no wine openers needed or glass to lug around. And, according to Nielsen ratings 2016: U.S. sales […]


Unfiltered, unfined, and downright gorgeous, Shoe Shine Wines

I asked my PSILY members for their Petite Sirah Rosés, so I could do a tasting of Petite Rosés for the Holidays. Martha Barra (Barra of Mendocino) sent an Email to me to tell me that they didn’t have a Rosé, but the blog posting was a good idea… Yeah, I thought so, too. Then, […]