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Egg-xcellent Wines for Easter ~ Getting Ready to be with my family once more for food and wine

This is one title I didn’t make up myself, Egg-xcellent Wines for Easter. It’s very campy and cute, and is what it is, and is the brainchild of Domaine Carneros. [UPDATE: The painting of the egg is the brainchild of Domaine Carneros. the creation of it is from the French company, Nomblot, that has been making […]


Celebrating Spring with Austrian Flavors Delivered by Szigeti and Zantho

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, and I know where all the flowers is…. In my back yard, which I can’t get to because all of the darn rain. Ugh! Last night Jose and I were with the winemaking team of May-Britt and Denis Malbec. Denis is a third generation winemaker from Château Latour. […]