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Week 6: Boxed Wine Experiment with Duca del Frassino’s Garganega/Pinot Grigio

Boxed Wine Experiment: I’m a huge proponent of boxed wine. I regularly have a box of white wine in my refrigerator for easy access. It’s a great space saver, and they allow me to buy a lot of wine at one time. I love having it and not having to store it elsewhere, or worrying […]


Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division Findings Point to “Value Being in Vogue”

Throughout the Silicon Valley Bank report, written by Rob McMillan, founder of the wine division, are references back to the Jerry Maguire film, all leading to “Show me the money!” Well, that’s what we’re all needing right now… A beacon in the economic storm that we’re all currently navigating in our fragile sailboats; one sheet […]