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The Smoking Loon ~ A Contest from Don Sebastiani & Sons is a fun marketing effort

It was a dark and stormy night, and the Smoking Loon was on the prowl… PRESS RELEASE: The “Smoking Loon, that’s what they called him. Nobody quite knew who he worked for, or where his loyalties lie, but he was undeniably good at what he did. As the namesake of Don Sebastiani & Sons’ most […]


The Sebastiani Legacy Continues to Flourish ~ An Interview with Donny Sebastiani

Coming to California for the first time had me visiting the town of Sonoma, and how could I miss Sebastiani Vineyards? It was a great feeling, to stand inside of a winery with such history. Then I moved here and began working with families with lots of history. What I learned over the years is […]