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Carneros Wine Alliance Annual Spring Barrel Tasting ~ 2019

Who can define a regional American Viticultural Area (AVA) better: The collective marketing decisions from a gaggle of people, and a Webmaster who simply needs content? Or, the historian who did the research and development?   I always begin my searches with the organizations. In this case, it’s the Carneros Wine Alliance and the Sonoma […]


Three San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition wine picks from Wilfred Wong

Wilfred Wong is the popular and affable Cellar Master at BevMo! His palate is highly regarded; his opinions matter a great deal. Please enjoy. Winery images have been borrowed from the respective wineries’ Web sites; for emphasis and their promotional use, only. Wilfred’s image comes from his BevMo! wine blog page. If you’d like to […]


Egg-xcellent Wines for Easter ~ Getting Ready to be with my family once more for food and wine

This is one title I didn’t make up myself, Egg-xcellent Wines for Easter. It’s very campy and cute, and is what it is, and is the brainchild of Domaine Carneros. [UPDATE: The painting of the egg is the brainchild of Domaine Carneros. the creation of it is from the French company, Nomblot, that has been making […]


Sensual Toasting with Valentine Bubbly from Champagne Taittinger

For a long time, I viewed Valentine’s Day as a perfect time for Petite Sirah… PS I Love You et al.  And, I still think Petite is a great wine for the heartiest of beings among us… Those who crave only RED wine. I can’t blame them for that. I have a love for all […]


Wines To Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day

You just know that I’m going to say Petite Sirah, don’t you? And, you’d be right. Why else would I have a food and wine event always right near February 14th? We never have PS I Love You’s annual food and wine event, called Dark & Delicious, right on that day, because being with about […]