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Wondering about wine, women, and pregnancy

Have you ever wondered about wine, women, and pregnancy? This has been going on with me since the warnings first began to emerge in the 1980s… By then, I had already had three happy, healthy daughters, and I was an occasional wine drinker during the 70s through 1980, when I gave birth to my third […]


A Wine Shaman Who Explores the Depths of Wine ~ Dr. Sondra Barrett

If someone is a scientist… let’s say with a 40 year background of studying molecular conglomerations as a biochemist… one might imagine that person could never (under any circumstance) think about wine as having a soul. Why? If it’s not visible to the naked eye or even under a microscope, this could be a gigantic […]


Drinkwel ~ No, it’s not a typo ~ It Promotes Proper Liver Function

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I’m a bit off the beaten path. As a result, it opens up some really different and unusual opportunities, which I welcome. This one, Drinkwel, is one of those occasions. I haven’t written on my blog, even though it’s my wine publicist’s journal, that one of the […]