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GMO Wine, not in my time….

GMO Wine, not in my time, people. UPDATE: GMO Awareness ~  5) Glyphosate causes birth defects, tumors, and reproductive disorders in animals, as well as sharp declines in beneficial insects And often at dilutions far lower than the concentrations used in agricultural and even home garden spraying… Study: Study: Study: Study: Study: Study: [UPDATE:  Seralini Refuses […]


Dear Jo, May I write for you? Ah… T.B.N.T.

T.B.N.T. (Thanks, but no thanks) This is something I find myself writing over and over again to people these days… A day in the life of five year old blog (journal)… I have to say, “No thank you” to everyone, because first of all, this is my wine journal. Secondly, while it would seem like […]


He Wrote, “This is troubling indeed.” I agree, it’s a sign of the times…

One of my wine writing/blogging pals sent an Email to me about an article that he had read about Petite Sirah. That same day, I also got a call from a long time producer of Petite Sirah. Both of them had read this same story, which I had also read. It was about Petite Sirah, […]