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This Full Moon in Scorpio calls for and demands extreme passion – Viader is in the House

Viader is in the House of Scorpio… And, Welcome… November 25’s full moon is going to be with the Sun in Scorpio (dig deeper detective), opposing the Moon in Taurus (strong builder on a solid foundations.) In my wine work, I’ve noticed that Delia Viader exemplifies these characteristics with her cult wine standing. Delia Viader, […]


Delia Viader, One of My Favorite Wine Characters

THE WOMAN: Citizens of the world are rare. They truly are the ones, who are the jewels in the crown of life. That’s not because they shine more brightly than the rest of us; it’s because there’s such humility attached to their auras as a result of their extensive travels, that the shining just becomes […]


The Silver Lining at Viader is Delia, a True Woman’s Woman

I once wrote of Delia Viader, Her Heart is in the vineyards; her soul is in the bottle! Nothing has changed along those lines, just the fabric of her story has become more rich and vibrant with additional experiences, since we last met two and a half years ago. Recently, I got the urge to […]