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Bordeaux ~ An Epicenter Like No Other ~ partie quinze

Bordeaux, as an old world location, is a new world for me. I began to pay attention in earnest last September, and now September is right around the corner, again. Life is like an LP. The closer you get to the center, the quicker the revolutions. — Jo Diaz (Been saying this since my days […]


Red Wine And Wine Gadgets For Father’s Day, including a Spirits Aerator… for good measure

TODAY: Red Wine And Wine Gadgets For Father’s Day, including a Spirits Aerator… for good measure … Yesterday, I wrote about the 2012 Simi Sauvignon Blanc and the HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout. Breaking it up into two separate days just makes good sense, since we all know how little time we have for blog […]


Gadgets and Gifts… Who doesn’t love them, and how about that Host Deluxe Aerator?

One of the most fun parts of this blog is what it now brings to my door. I mean, really, gadgets and gifts… who doesn’t love them? This newest addition to my wine accoutrements is the Host Deluxe Aerator. I’ve got a quick one called the Vinturi Travel, and I love it. It’s got one […]


Big things come in small packages… Vinturi Travel

Vinturi Travel is a great Father’s Day gift, which I was considering to give to my Jose this year… I need to digress for a bit, though, first. Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday. She was born on Father’s Day on June 15, 1980. For years, Jose thought it would be a great laugh to […]


Holiday Gifts, Week Two Winner Chosen by the Luck of the Draw

And, the winner this week is… Gwendolyn Alley of Wine Predator and Art Predator. All names were placed in my hat (ice bucket), and drawn at random. Congratulations, Gwendolyn, who also just returned from Portugal with me as the first runner-up of a wine trip contest. The original contest winner of “Why I Want to […]


Reader Appreciation Winner

And, the winner is Cheron, aka Cathy Gore. Cathy did as I suggested. She signed up on more than just the first day, increasing her odds. Congratulations, Cheron. Please Email me, so I have a shipping address. They’ll go out on Monday. Honestly, I had so much fun with this, and I’m a Sagittarius (we’re know […]